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AR9 s on ebay - ends 3/22/2001

Guest Nigel

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Just how good are the AR9's? In comparison to the LST's how do they rate? Was this AR's true High end speaker? I noticed this set does not have all original drivers and a mention of surround replacement will need to be done shortly.

Also, what would be the ballpark price for this set vs. a mint set? I am a little discouraged by the prices I've seen things go for on e- bay. What about that set of AR 1's and the Janzen electrostats- CRAZY!

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Hi bhans,

For your information, I bought my AR9s one year ago in France for 900 USD (MINT condition). As I am still looking for a fourth pair of AR9x series very actively, I've spotted 2 pairs in MINT condition : one in Italy (800 USD) + one in Germany (1100 USD).

I'm sure that AR9 prices in the states are much lower.


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>I noticed this set

>does not have all original

>drivers and a mention of

>surround replacement will need to

>be done shortly.

If you read the listing more closely you'll find that the seller just had everything REFOAMED...should last another 20 years if it was a competent job.


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