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AR-3a rebuild pictorial

Guest Stevey88

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Funny I saw this same Japanese site months ago.

I find this posting of yours very amusing as I was in Japan in 1991 for varied reasons.

My then young ‘legit-dancer’ former wife was working there (she was a, blond haired/blue eyed 20 year older, very sexy and a beautiful and great dancer for top shows) and I decided to take a trip there to see her upon her demand as I really secretedly wanted to go to Italy and confront another lover that took-off in ’80.That one had me from 1968 to 1980 and I wanted to see if she had succeeded in going-anywhere in terms of "self-glory" as she said she would. I’ve had many, many women, but still love my LST’s and AR-3a's just the same, even if all the girls are gone. Screw that shit I still got my AR’s, the chics will apparently come and go. Funny I DO really appreciate both extremely much! I've always been the type of fellow who always wanted to 'have my cake and eat it too'!

As I strolled through Yokohama and Tokyo to see if even there were any stereo shops, I only found shops that carried old imported and used Macintosh, Altec A7’s and assorted other American hi-fi products, the two mentioned being the seeming only available US stuff of any value to me besides some very old ‘Eico’ tube stuff and smaller AR stuff and some British stuff.

Although it did appear the Japanese people loved 'all things American', it was ‘slim-pickings’ nonetheless.

When I spoke of my vintage AR-LST and Phase Linear system I was met with offers to sell directly to certainly shops with offered free shipping besides. As I only saw one 1965 Mustang and only one 1982 Camaro in the many streets I traveled, I felt why should I sell my then and still now ‘prized- system’. Besides I wanted to get my sexually charged young wife (half of my 40 years age) home before she’d possibly be kidnapped.

I left the beautiful country of Japan happy to be back in the good old USA and hoped my very young wife would follow, she did, but later I lost her to a rich CA. dude cause he had money more than my middle-class background and self could offer her. Can you say 'Green-Card Woman" ? I have always wanted my cake and eat it too, I still eat and breath AR stuff.

Now I still listen to those same 90's tunes; the last trappings of American rock on my same old vintage AR-LST’s and Phase Linears’. Funny though cause she never heard such a great system herself coming from a poor country in Europe to begin with.

The moral of this story is: women come and go!

My AR’s are here to stay!

Go figure?

Your experienced but not weakened or defeated friend, perhaps a “Roman” -Centurion or Gladiator in another life, always a ‘pure’ and dedicated AR speaker lover nonetheless,

Frank Marsi

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