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AR's soon to be pleasing ears.


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Hi all, I think this is the first time I write in this forum , I am almost in the final stage of having my childhood's sound system back in life , it's comprised of two AR3's and a Marantz 7C/8B combo , the later one just came back from restoration (thanks Paul Hart !), after my dad and me stopped using it 30 yrs ago I am planing to put it to work, the thing is that with the speakers I don't know what to expect , probably rusted rheostats and  expired capacitors, or even worse  I was thinking to use a cheap amplifier to fire them up and see how bad are they and from there see what to do , cleaning or replacing the rheostat, changing components in the network, not to count  the broken grills frames and the outside  scratches and dents,  the truth is that I may welcome some suggestions or thoughts .



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Are the speakers AR 3 or AR 3a. On this site is a really good download of how to restore the AR 3a but it also can help you on the AR 3. On the opening page on the left you will see a heading " Restoring the AR3a". Please post pictures of the speakers.


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