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AR 3 Woofer issue

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Hello all,

 Not what you think based on subject. So I have a pair of AR-3s I am bring back to life and issue I have is one speaker has orginal cloth correct Woofer but the other speaker has a replacement AR 12" Woofer (woofer has a AR label saying it was factory replaced).  Do I search for a orginal AR 3 woofer ( which I found on ebay very $$$) or skate by with older 3a woofer that looks similar execpt has a foam surrond or leave the newer woofer which works fine but looks out of place. OCD is killing me :) .




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On 7/5/2023 at 4:18 AM, fmajewsk said:


Frank the first thing is to play your AR3 and see if you like ... then it would be good to see a photo of the replacement woofer (front and back).
From what I have learned over the years, the AR woofers, even with minimal differences, are in any case interchangeable in case of need (the substitution of the woofer was likely to have been done by an Acoustic Research dealer, I myself have a pair of early AR3a which had a woofer with surround in canvas and more in foam!).
Furthermore, the speaker with the woofer replaced should have had the coil on the crossover replaced.
If you read the "Restoring the AR-3a" you will find all of this: the chronology (with photos to capture the visual differences) of the woofers over the years, as well as the values of the crossover coils.
Insert the requested photos and you will surely get other help... perhaps you will also find a kind soul who will get you the correct woofer...

In this photo you see my pair of AR3a early, just after the purchase, the woofer on the right is an original replacement from 1970, the original woofer on the left is dated 1969...they could be fine too, but in my case I have found and purchased a correct woofer (in the second photo you see them both out of the cabinet).


to the right the newcomer.


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If the one in the photo is just the replacement in your AR3 it is a modern reproduction that doesn't even come close to the performance of the original.
Unfortunately, the original Alnico woofers are currently found at high prices...you could negotiate the price of this...


Photo of this woofer, as can be seen from the "lap" of glue between the suspension and the cone, it would be the first refoam of this woofer


it's the first to arrive with the ceramic magnet and it keeps the dustcap and the synthetic ring on the cone, the performance should be almost superimposable to the original (you still need to replace the crossover coil.).

Once the deteriorated foam is replaced, the final appearance is very similar to the original (as if a warranty replacement was made in late 1969).
Maybe some forumer will be able to help you if he has a surplus woofer that he doesn't use.

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