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M3 replacement 8" woofer?

Guest tzed250

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Guest tzed250

Hello all!

What a great resource this internets is....

I just acquired a pair of near mint AR M3s.

Unfortunately one of the 8" woofers went a week after hooking them up.

From poking around the site it seems the M3 doesn't have much of a following here but they were free and are kind of neat looking so I thought I'd fix them rather than sell them for parts or (gasp) throw 'em out....

I found a place in MA called AB Tech Services that claims to have a direct replacement driver.

On their web-site they claim to be "the exclusive, worldwide parts distributor for AR, Advent, and Jensen home audio loudspeakers. Also, we serve as the technical support and customer service provider for these brands."

I also e-mailed speakersupply.com but haven't heard back from them yet.

Does anyone here know of these guys or had any dealings with them?

I'd hate to spend $60 for the wrong driver, or have to buy two to balance the sound between the two units or have to start soldering in resistors and caps and solenoids and well you get the idea...


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