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AR 2a crossover replace w/ fixed type (no pots)


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I am a new user of this site and am asking to receive any an all feedback on this topic (cosmetic, 'vintage' mainenance, site ref's, etc.).

Item: two ar 2a's (3 drivers per) with oxidized and unrepairable pots to be used in classic tube setup with no tone control.

Wish: to replace crossovers with fixed capacitor type - to get rid of fuseable pots.

Question: where to find diagram for construction of crossovers.

I can guess at this by using what I am guessing to be the 'neutral settings but I would love to find some authoratative resorce.

Can any kind soul out there help?

W/ thanks

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I have not been able to find schematics for most of the AR speakers .. I think the only ones I have online are for the AR-3, AR-3a, and AR-91 ..

If anyone is willing to do hand drawn schematics of their AR crossovers I would be glad to put them online.

OR, even better .. anyone have schematics for other AR speaker models, such as the AR-2ax??


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Just remove them and join the wires together and solder them . That leaves them at the normal position . You can also clean the coils inside them with some stuff called Deoxit Cramlin and a tooth brush . I would clean them myself as they are worth more original and getting very collectable if in great shape .

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