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AR Classic Series


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[font size=1" color="#FF0000]LAST EDITED ON Mar-09-01 AT 01:46 PM (GMT)[p]I just put a link up in the AR section of the site for Accessories 4 Less (http://www.accessories4less.com) .. they have the last remaining stock of the AR Classic Series that Ken Kantor designed in the 90's during the IJI ownership phase of AR.

They have the AR338, 302 (like the AR-5), 303 (like the AR-3a), and 303a (again, like the AR-3a) which is a limited edition model.

Some of the models are demos and have cosmetic imperfections and are going for very low prices. I'm ordering a pair of 302's this weekend and will put a review up soon.


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Right, excellent deals. I picked up a pair each of the 303s and 302s. The 302s remind me of the 2ax set I once owned. Very very good reproduction of the original great sound....at least I'm pretty sure my old 2ax sounded this good.

>I just put a link up

>in the AR section of

>the site for Accessories 4

>Less (http://www.accessories4less.com) .. they have

>the last remaining stock of

>the AR Classic Series that

>Ken Kantor designed in the

>90's during the IJI ownership

>phase of AR.


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