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New Surrounds AR4-xa


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Recently I bought a pair of AR4-xa with worn foam surrounds as usually. Actually there are no offers for 8# Woofer surrounds in foam over here in Germany but I could get some cheapo rubber surróunds. Now my question, will this change the general sound of these nice bookshelf speakers or does it have only small impact ?

Regards from Hamburg-Germany, Martin

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My guess the impact would be small, but this depends on how careful you are with selecting those 'cheapo' rubber surrounds.

They should be constructed of Santoprene. It's the most common materal used for surrounds.

Also, be sure the rubber is relatively thin and compliant. That is the most important charateristic that will determine the resonant frequency of the woofer and thus impact the woofer's overall ability to product bass tones like that from a foam surround.

Good luck!


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