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1971 AR Brochure in .pdf

Guest Islands Innovation

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Guest Islands Innovation

AR Fans,

I had a hard time reading through the individual images of the 1971 AR brochure in the History section. So I dumped them into a .pdf file, and arranged the pages with a binding margin.

This brochure brings back some memories for me. When I was pretty young (4 or 5), my dad bought a pair of 2ax's which I still have. This brochure was always kicking around the living room. I fondly remember looking at the pictures and trying to learn about speakers. The back cover is probably the first picture I ever saw of a rock band!

Anyway, I thought the community might find this format easier to read and print. It is kinda large...I had to save it as an Acrobat 6 or higher file to just fit under the 4MB limit. Feel free to include this in the History section...


Enjoy, Jeff


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