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TSW-910 Tweeter Repair


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I had a TSW-910 tweeter repaired several months ago and it is still holding up and sounds like the original. I have not noticed any difference in sound. Took me a while to track down the repair source, but the item is just like new. They brought it back from the dead. Will let you all know within the next week or so if they are looking to do some business in this area. It was repaired by a foreign company.

I have 2 back ups I bought several months ago before I had the repair performed, but it is good to know these things can be repaired back to original specs. A lifesaver when you are looking at throwing out $2,000 speakers because you can't find a suitable replacement tweeter.

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Guest Frogslips

Who repaired them for you and how much per tweeter????

Enail me at Frogslips@verizon.net or rdmntam@aol.com

i have 3 each in need of repair. 92 dollars each from ab tech services is alot, to pay for a tweet. but they are worth it.

rob the frog

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