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Can a TSW-410 be used for a center channel?


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I'd think that the 410 would work pretty well from a tonal-matching standpoint to use as the center with 910 LR's.

I don't remember if the 410 was magnetically shielded or not (the smaller TSWs, like the 105 and 110 were), so be careful if you're going to place this near a CRT TV.

You're going to need a stand or bench to raise these up to around seated ear level. Also, given the very high power-handling and output capability of the 910's, the 410 will have to be high-passed by your receiver's or processor's bass-management crossover at a fairly high point (I'd suggest 100 Hz or higher) if the 410 is to have any real chance of "keeping up" with the 910's at high playback levels.

Remember, the center channel carries anywhere from 50-75% of the total soundtrack, depending on the particular mix. Therefore, the center channel speaker gets quite a workout in a home-theater system. Most people don't really pay close enough attention to that fact.

Steve F.

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