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Special Capacitors for AR speakers


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Dear All CSP readers

In Denmark we have an almost 90 years old 3. generation family owned company, that specializes in capacitors for audio. They still make the higly acclaimed oil in paper capacitors with either the cheaper aluminium foil or the more expensive Copper foil.

They also make a lot of di-pol electrolytic capacitors, among them a 2700 myF/63 volt capacitor, that can be used for restoring 10Pi (1 per speaker) and LST's (2 per speaker). For both speakers, they recommend a 1 myF bypass capacitor for frequencies > 8-10 kHz.

At the moment they are selling out of their old oil in paper capacitors in iron cans, like the ones used in the AR-1 and early AR-3's. They have values of 1, 2 and 4 myF, 500-600 Volt. They date back to the early 60'ies, they are NOS.

If you are interested you should contact Director of Sales Hans Jørgen Jensen:


They also make inductors to specifications.

All the Best



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