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AR-2AX logo and small "a"


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Hi there;

I see a pair of AR-2AX's for sale and my question is two-fold or more.

I am not bidding on them.

First, they have the black painted AR Inc square brass logo, perhaps 7/8" x 7/8", instead of the later traditional, in my experience, AR-2AX brass rectangular logo's.

When was this square logo dropped?

They also have the small letter "a" on their grille cloths.

When was the small letter, "a" no longer used?

I was under the impression that the small, "a", was for the AR-2A speaker system only?

There was a single rectangular AR-2AX logo on the later versions, what is the difference, in the speaker systems, compared to the square logo?

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The answer to this question is contained within my AR-2ax document in the library. The "AR Inc" and "a" badges were dropped in 1970 along with the introduction of the new AR-2ax.

All the brass "a" ever did was differentiate the AR-2a and then the AR-2ax from their brothers without the supertweeter, the AR-2 and AR-2x.

The 1967 AR-3a was the first model to feature the embossed brass badges with the red text.

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