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AR-3 Article in TONE-Audio


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Guest groved

Excellent write-up Joe!

Your "tuning" procedure is exactly the technique I have used many times with AR-3, 3a and 5 speakers, especially after an extensive rebuild. I also use pink noise to help set individual driver levels and minimize driver diffraction during speaker positioning.

Well done!

Regards, Doug

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Super article, Joe!! Very well done!!

Only thing that I'd add is that the AR-3's were most likely the very FIRST home speaker system that was capable of bi-amp operation.

Way, way, way ... ahead of it's time.

In closing the article was great and the pictures ... well they really complemented the text nicely.



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>Joe, nice job on the AR-3 article! Hmmm... that Oiled-Teak

>AR-3 sure looks familiar!


>--Tom Tyson

It is such a great photo of a really nice AR-3. The photos I took really did not come out all that well, so we decided used yours. Also, I really like the oiled teak finish!

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Thanks for the great feedback! It means a lot to me and the rest of the TONE staff.

I am thinking about writing an article detailing the restoration of a pair of AR speakers. There are a lot of them out there, and they can be had for relatively little money, and when restored, they can beat a lot of the high end stuff made today. You rarely see Alnico magnet speakers today. I love the way Alnico sounds, some people say that the magnet material does not matter, but I disagree.

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I'm a little late with this, but just got around to reading the article yesterday. Great job Joe, and particularly enjoyable to read your review amidst the flock of reviews of 8, 9 and 10 thousand dollar new speakers.

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Hi Joe;

It must be most enjoyable to be right there when you hear live entertainment.

I have only been exposed a few times.

To live entertainers and orchestras.

The AR-3's set a standard to compare all other reproducers to, forever.

I just downloaded issue #6 to read.

Thank you Joe for the great article.

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