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1958 Press Comment On The AR-2

Guest linedrive

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>Hi again Ted;


>I should have mentioned that AR_2's are starting to gather in

>my hifi museum now.


>AR_2A's are my next quest.


>Then, who knows.

Hi again;

After printing out the ad and reading it, I see a few points of interest.

The High Fidelity review was done by, "The Stereophile Man", J Gordon Holt, the man with the golden ears.

The dual tweeters start to roll off at 12K and then a rapid roll off at 14K.

In other words, we can almost forget about our hearing losses, in the highs now.

My not being an instrument player, I can only read and listen to those that do.

His description of string tone guttiness and trumpet tearing transients, makes me want run right out and buy a pair, yesterday.

Heck stack'm even.

And lest I not forget, the bass, clean and un-forgetable.

I do wonder what level control setting, row-M-oriented, was?

He had adjusted it, at least, downward.

I can relate to normal, hi or between normal and hi.

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Guest Eunomians

Wish I didn't sell mine :(

Oh well, I've got too many speakers in our living room. I had to get rid of something or else I think I would've been next in line.

Very nice posting, thank you.

I have really enjoy all these great old ads posted here and in the Library.

Best regards

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