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AR Trivia 3


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Hi there;

I am writing this one, for the few times I have had woofers arrive at my home, rolling around in the carton.

Garbage bag ties, zap straps, wire removed from electric motors, tape and hope.

That is just a few samples of how the sellers packaged two woofers together.

AR 12" woofers and Advent woofers shear the zap straps in transit.

The FHP motor copper motor wire, it has been aluminum wire with a copper colour insulation for over 4 decades now, shears in about 2 minutes after the box is sealed up.

Tape is only slightly better than garbage bag ties.

The brown tape is the worst, clear not much better, and finally, good quality duct tape, is the very best tape available.

Garbage bag ties, well, not worth even talking about or using.

At this point, the only secure method that I can recommend for shipping is, bolting them together face to face with nuts and bolts and a spacer of a larger nut or washers between the frames.

Then Saran Wrap or shrink wrap to keep them clean.

Firm foam is the only preferred packing media.

Bubblewrap doesn't stand up too well, and peanuts, forget it, it is that bad.

Rigid polystyrene home insulation sheets is a really great material.

To ship a single woofer, cut a piece of real heavy duty cardboard or several layers, larger than the woofer frame.

Bolt this to the woofers face with at least a 1/2" steel nut spacer or large washers between the frame and the cardboard.

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