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AR Trivia 1


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Hi there;

Today, I am going to try to describe the packaging of an AR-3A midrange driver from the AR factory, to our warantee depot.

I am going to use a hypothetical box measurement size, so please bear with me.

A picture of or drawing would be better and maybe one day I may do that, but until then, here we go.

The mid-range drivers are really heavy and massive in size.

Lets pretend the box is 10" x 10" x 6" high.

Tape the bottom securely.

Measure out on a piece of heavy duty cardboard, 10" x 10" plus add a 3" boarder all around 4 sides, you need 2 pieces.

Notch out slightly each corner, so that the 3" edges can be folded up, at 90 degrees.

But first, cut out a round hole in the centers, the diameter slightly tight on the magnet, both pieces.

Install the first piece upside down, or folds down, into the carton.

Saran Wrap or shrink wrap the mid driver and press it into the exposed hole.

Invert the 2nd piece and viola, you have protected the driver in two planes from moving.

This is how I saw the mid range drivers arriving.

There was never any shipping damage with this method.

The true box must be at least 2" larger, minimum, in diameter than the frame, the cardboard box and partitions, must be heavy duty and the hole should be snug.

The true height of the box is, the height of the driver overall plus 2" minimum.

This would allow a minimun of 1" clearance to all box edges.

This same method works for the dome tweeters as well, except, just a loose piece of plastic film should cover the domes.

I thought that I would write this here after, receiving damaged tweeters and a mid from real lousy packaging practices on ebay.

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