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AR Remote Control

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While the SRC was a minor product in the history of AR, it was the first product I ever did "solo," the first product I did with Asian contract vendors, etc. It is associated with many personal memories. The behind-the-scenes work (new hires, suppliers, labs)that went into the SRC also formed the basis for the later re-birth of AR as an audio component supplier.

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Guest Eunomians

>While the SRC was a minor product in the history of AR, it

>was the first product I ever did "solo," the first

>product I did with Asian contract vendors, etc. It is

>associated with many personal memories. The behind-the-scenes

>work (new hires, suppliers, labs)that went into the SRC also

>formed the basis for the later re-birth of AR as an audio

>component supplier.

Fascinating info :)

This makes me enjoy using my SRC unit that much more knowing that a CSL member helped create it.

What a great place this is...


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Guest Eunomians

I thought I'd share some recent pics of the AR SRC in action.

It is an unusal and unique item that I use everyday.

I've got it hooked up between the Pre-Out and Main-In on my Sansui 9090.

The fact that I can adjust the volume (and a myriad of other settings) from my sofa is amazing because I get to use vintage Solid State or Tube gear with the luxury of remote control. So, I get that lovely vintage sound with remote capabilities without having to resort to modern cheap black plastic audio systems.

One of my favorite controls is the Processor Loop In/Out function. Let me elaborate a little bit:

I've got the DBX 3BX Dynamic Range Expander, DBX SNR-1 single-ended Noise Reduction, Hughes AK-100, DBX 120X-DS Subharmonic Synthesizer, KLH/Burwen TNE7001A Transiant Noise Eliminator and BBE Stereo Audio Restoration hooked up via the Processor Loop with the Tascam CD-RW4U CD recorder hooked up last in the loop. Sure, I can record LPs and such into my computer, but it's better and more fun with all this gear. The best part is that I use the AR SRC to turn the Loop on or off from the sofa!

Anyhow, I thought I'd share my thoughts regarding this fine fine little machine. As you can see in the pics, the AR SRC is the centerpiece to my system.


PS. Thank you Mr. Kantor!







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I had one and used it for years but sometime in the early 90's it finally just gave up the ghost and started doing all sorts of random noises, channel dropouts, etc, so I tossed it. Often wish I still had (a working) one.

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Good info - thanks!

Come to think of it, I'm certain that I read the Stereo Review & High Fidelity reviews of the SRC, although I don't recall seeing the Audio Magazine coverage - Audio's more technically-oriented writing was a welcome complement to SR and HF, and would be interesting to see.

I might actually have the Stereophile issue from that period - if I can locate it, would it be OK to post an excerpt?

The SRC never disappointed - it did exactly what it was advertised to do, and was a sonic marvel.

All three of my SRC units were in perfect shape when I (foolishly) let them go. They functioned flawlessly, and even the well-used remote appeared to be much more robust than usual.

One of the most musically-balanced & enjoyable systems that I've ever encountered was a real minimalist set-up: the Acoustic Research SRC as a line-level preamp into a Crown DC300A, and a pair of AR-11 speakers, sourced by a Revox B77 open reel, and Revox CD player. And I wouldn't be surprised if all of that equipment was still operational!

I might wind up bidding on this SRC, and maybe put together something similar of my own, but with AR-4s, and a less powerful Crown amp - like a D-150, or the like.

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I'd very much enjoy reading that old review, if you can find it.

My personal opinion is that short excerpts of magazine reviews are generally fine to post here, though Mark needs to be the final arbiter. If Mark has copyright concerns, I would be happy to put a scan of the SRC review up on my website, and link from here. (I hope it was a positive review.....)


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Was the SRC ever reviewed in any of the audio magazines?

Another old thread...

Ken listed some reviews. I am sure there were others. When I bought mine one of the mags (maybe $ensible $ound) raved about it as being absolutely quiet and the perfect preamp if you didn't need a phono section.

I just recapped one and added an aftermarket hand-held remote. Details here: http://www.audiokarma.org/forums/showthread.php?p=7118873#post7118873

I'm using it with my MAC4100 and it works great. There is an ebay seller offering beautiful-looking outboard remote controls but they're expensive and only control the volume! If you find an AR (WITH the handheld unit) at a good price you won't be disappointed.


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Dead horse? I now have three of these -- one of which works -- thanks, Gene.

The remotes are all fine. The build quality on the AR-SRC itself is decent keeping with its time frame and expected use.

Looks like about 14 electrolytics plus one in the remote. The one in the remote tested about 15% above specified value.

Not sure if these are worth a repair attempt. Anyone have any opinions?

Below is a photo of the first unit -- functions are intermittent at this point which is a symptom of poor switch contacts in the remote. The remote was previously disassembled judging by the contact cleaner residue on the board around the switches. All the switches test fine and the remote works fine with the working unit -- so much for the easy fix.

Photo shows AR's proprietary IC made in Korea and copyright 1983.

Trash or recap? is the question. Not sure if anything else is worth my time, but I may get inspired.P1010762.edit2.jpgP1010764.edit1jpg.jpg



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Hi Roger

Sorry to hear that. If you are interested in tinkering, I have an SRC that I recapped and it "did" work perfectly until some mishap (still not sure what) blew the ground foil right off my preamp and also seems to have damaged the SRC. Now the remote receiver seems very temperamental and I can't get full volume.

If you want to use it as a parts donor for the other one or vice versa send me a PM with your address and it's yours.


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