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Parts, Repairs for AR48s


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I just purchased two AR48s speakers at a thrift store. The woofer,midrange and tweeter are damaged. The cabinets are in really good shape. I was wondering what steps to take to replace them or repair them without having to spend a large sum of money. I dont know that much if anything about AR speakers. If you could let me know or help me out that would be great, thank you. Carlos Stricker

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Hi Carlos!

When you say the woofer, midrange, and tweeter are damaged, what exactly do you mean? How are they damaged? And are ALL the drivers damaged in BOTH of your speakers? If so, those things were really trashed somehow ..

The AR48's are awesome speakers. I had a pair of AR38's throughout my years in college and was always envious of a friend with the 48's. Those 12" woofers can really punch out tight bass when coupled with a high end amplifier.

However, if all the drivers (6 total) are fried in both cabinets, it obviously isn't worth restoring the speakers. All six drivers being dead may indicate that the crossovers are fried as well. (Unless it is JUST the crossovers that are fried, and you have not conclusively verified that the drivers really are dead.)


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Hello Mark and others, The speakers I believe are too damaged to restore, the magnet on the woofer is starting to corrode a bit. The rubbery paper around the speaker, I'm not sure what its called, is damaged on the woofer and tweeters. All the wiring and electrical stuff seems to be in great shape though. Does anyone know where I could get quality replacements for a decent price? Thanks, Carlos

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>I just purchased two AR48s speakers

>at a thrift store. The

>woofer,midrange and tweeter are damaged.

>The cabinets are in really

>good shape. I was wondering

>what steps to take to

>replace them or repair them

>without having to spend a

>large sum of money. I

>dont know that much if

>anything about AR speakers. If

>you could let me know

>or help me out that

>would be great, thank you.

>Carlos Stricker


A pair of replacement woofers for the 48s (and 38s and others) just came up on eBay (as do tweeters from time-to-time):


Not bad for $45 depending on how good a job the guy did with the refoam...if, in fact, yours are really blown.

The refoam for the woofers is easy with a bit of work. I did mine in my 48ses and they turned out great and sound even better. I even did my mids but they were a bit harder.

If you want to try the refoam try http://www.decware.com for the kits...they were very helpful for me and have a tutorial that's about 30 images of the refoam process. I followed it and it was "easy as cake".

I agree with a previous poster...if you have to replace all 6 drivers it isn't worth it, unless you can find them via eBay or other used sources like the woofers above.

However, if you can refoam both the woofers and mids and replace the tweeters, I think it would be worth it in light of what you'd have to spend for speakers of the same quality new...assuming you can FIND speakers of the same quality :-).

Good luck!


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