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Mint AR-11 off Ebay


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I just scored for 49.00 buy now good deal for any AR.


when they arrived first they were in the original boxes. and the original packing pulled them out no grills. I knew that and the woofers need done but these have no scratches no dust like they have spent all there time in the boxes only new. yellow tweeters sound great as do the mids to bad the caps will need done first.

Were is the best place to get the correct foam? I need 5 sets as of now



I was looking at the MCM cat and they have foam grills I was thinking of getting two sets cut out for the drivers on one then glue the other over it they are thin only .39

look in the MCM part number ls00903 and 4 5 6

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Hi Jim

I think that was an extremely lucky buy, congratulations.

I have now refoamed 4 set of AR speakers (11" and 8") using foam surrounds from Speaker Works Northwest, Oregon (living in Europe it really doesn't matter which state they come from). They were recommended by Tom Tyson in another thread. I have been very satisfied with their products as well as service.


Regarding Grill foam, I have done similar to what you suggests, I have posted some pictures in another thread called:

"Grill Foam, Cloth and AR10Pi logo plates" topic # 10124

Best Regards Klaus

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