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This forum contains an enormous amount of useful data for restoring AR speakers. Likely, there is no other significant collected source of information on AR speakers that is accessible to the public.

Although extracting the data takes time, there is lots of information both in forum posts and in archived AR data on topics such as:

- how to clean potentiometers

- why L-pads are not the same as potentiometers

- why the Lane Audio phasing was not used by AR in the AR-3a

- why low resistance inductors will not improve an AR x-o design

- proper angle to position early AR speakers

- differences in x-o capacitors

- how to refinish oiled walnut

- why changing the type of stuffing originally used in a particular cabinet design will not improve its performance.

- and so on

One would encourage folks who have recently found this site to explore its vast content by using the "search" feature and by looking in the archives under the desired speaker.

Lots of great stuff here; not all posters will agree on specific details, but this information source is the best available to begin an AR restoration project.

cheers, j

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Good point John. I guess we should each take a topic, build a doccument and have others check it. Then Mark can add it to the Library.

A few months back I wrote a comparison between the "old" and the "new" 2ax, in an effort to reduce the number of times we were going through that on the forum. Perhaps Word doccuments like that would work. Just an Idea.

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