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OT: anyone know what this is AR TDS202 SPEAKERS SOUND ENHANCEMENT

Guest spgjmf

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Guest spgjmf

hi folks,

I was looking at ebay for AR speaker stuff ( midrange for ar-2ax) and came across a few of these things:


passive device, Reveals greater aural detail, creates wider soundfield Amplifies low-level ambient information

Works with all two-channel sources

Stereo analog RCA inputs and outputs

20 to 20,000 Hz frequency range

does it work? anyone heard one? future classic??


thanks for any info,


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Guest Eunomians

I'd like to know as well, I've been wondering for a long time.

I've thought about removing the jumpers between my pre-amp out & amp-in on my Sansui 9090 and sticking it in between.

I'm so curious...


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Hi there;

If you go back to the ebay listing, which is closed, go to the stereo reviews.

Read the 2nd review and see if you can count how many devices are to be interconnected at the same time for that review.

If there happens to be 4, then add 1 meter of interconnect cable per unit and there you have 4 devices and over 10 feet of cables.

I would think it might sound different.

I've seen this item mentioned before, here, I believe, snake oil perhaps?

I have never seen any mention of this, "magic box", anywhere else.

Trust me, if it was that, "magical", we would all know about it.

I do have a schematic for reducing the wide and exaggerated stereo effects of headphones, but usually there is a slight loss of signal with insertion, not a boost.

Something a little safer is Dyna-Quad.

Good luck.

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