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Need (2) 1" titanium tweeters for TSW-910 and 1 6 1/2" midrange

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Guest postjob62

Hi Super,

AB Tech Services has both the tweeters and mids you need, new. A fair number of the TSW tweeters show up on ebay, but most are for the TSW 110 thru 710, and won't work with the 810/910. I've never heard an 810/910, and although my 610's aren't really "classics", I love their sound and don't worry so much about cranking it up a little when I hate to put my 3a's at risk. I can only imagine the 910's are even more of a good thing so you might want to stock up on some drivers while you can.

By the way, if you don't intend to do the refoaming yourself or don't have someone nearby, I strongly recommend Bill Miller of Millersound. He did my 610 mids for a pittance and is really a class guy.


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Guest audiochuck

I am in need of a tweeter for a tsw-910. Please let me know if you still have one available. I am at vigliottic@hotmail.com.

Thanks in advance.


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