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AR-2 gift


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Hi there;

A friend recently gave me a single blonde finish AR-2 speaker.

It was given to him, but, his tastes are not for AR.

I have never seen one before except, photos on ebay.

It is probably Birch veneer, finished on top and both ends, with the bottom un-finished to lay on the shelf.

There was a few dollars cost-saving by only fisnishing 3 sides.

It has the traditional screw holes left on the bottom, which is plain plywood surface only, by someone mounting the cabinet on legs.

The cabinet is the 13 ply marine plywood, I have only ever read about.

I have to open up the cabinet to repair loose connections on the 3 terminal connections before I'll attempt to fire it up, after mounting a new fuse block, thank you J.

It will give me an opportunity to see what the crossover is composed of and if they crossed braced these or not.

This speaker has the dual 5 1/2" cross-fired mids/tweeters and single older 10" cloth surround woofer, not quite identical to the older models I have samples of.

Turning the pot takes no effort and the hair raising squeal sounds like brand new. Yah.

I will be testing it, along with a single Microstatic tweeter array, in a few weeks.

This will be a real treat for me.

I have never heard this particular model of AR speaker.

The Microstatic speaker, thanks to a very kind member, thank you B, will be used for the very first time to see how they compliment each other.

I'll write up a report with my results.

I am all excited, now.

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>Sounds like a circa 1957-58 AR-2.....a classic! Can tou post

>a photo of the front & back?

Hi there;

I will be taking photos of the inside also to show it's construction, if it's of interest.

I am uncertain as to the woofer's true visual identity and I hope that there is some identifying marks on the magnet.

My uncertainty comes from the visual appearance of the cone/frame.

If you have seen photos on ebay of some of the earliest AR 12" woofers, some were without the visible 1/2 roll surround, no circular rings near the speaker domes, etc.

This speaker was for free so I am not fretting about it, I do have several original AR spare woofers in several variations.

I still can't get over my friends kindness in just giving it to me.

There is many kind people in our world, I have found several this past few years, I'm been so lucky.

Thank you.

Good luck.

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