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Is AR2's tweeter the same as the AR-3A's

Guest AR_3A_owner

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>I have been looking for a replacement tweeter for my AR-3A.

>I found one pair of AR2's tweeters on ebay. THey look the same

>as my AR-3A. These tweeters are cheaper than other AR-3A's

>tweeters. Are they the same?


Hi there;

If you buy these and install them in a pair of AR-3A's or LST's you would have a few db less output than with a proper 4 ohm pair.

The opposite is, if these were 4 ohm tweeters and you installed them in AR-2AX's, AR-5's or AR-LST/2's, you would have several db more tweeter output.

Looks are deceiving, most often I see them advertised to cover all of these speakers.

Good luck.

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