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Newbie here with OLA question


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Picked up a pair of OLA at an estate sale. To my untrained eye they looked to be in good physical shape. After getting them home and doing some research, it appears the woofers have been replaced. Obviously not the masonite ring woofers, and they are different than the 2nd gen steel ring woofers. Anyone have an idea what brand/type these woofers may be without taking them out? 






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  No clue about those drivers. Good used original OLA woofers will bring these back to their former glory, and are usually affordable. While Simply Speakers sells a new replacement, those reportedly do not sound or measure the same as the factory ones.

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Nope. Take them out and see what it says on the back of the magnets, if anything. Somebody made those black adapters to make them fit in the openings. Hopefully, they didn't alter the original openings so genuine replacements can be dropped in.

I would estimate those to have been made in late 1974 or early 1975. Any dates on the tweeters?


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They look like Advent Legacy woofers with very large replacement dust caps.

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