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AR 9 vs. TSW-910--which is best?

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TSW-910 are excellent for Home Theater main right and left channels. Find a pair of TSW-610 or TSW-510 for rear right and left and 2 pairs of TSW-210, one pair for center channels and the other pair for side surround and you got yourself an awesome Home Theater set up.

The original AR 9 speakers are great for two channels materials with beefy 200+w/ch power amp to get those 4 12¡± woofers to breathe right. It will be difficult for the general Home Theater amps or receivers to drive these beasts to impress your friends! You may end up blow up the tweeter and midrange at the same time. So beware!

Minh Luong

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>Has anyone compared these 2 speakers and have an opinion on

>which one is the best? Curious minds want to know.


I just finished my AR9's. They are very wonderful sounding, comanding speaker. HOWEVER, like many have said you will need a lot ofr power to push them. I use mine as main L & R in a home theature set up, BI-AMPED! Using the connector split on the back of the speaker I power the woofer section with a Hafler 250 WPC amp, it is preamped from the sub out of the HT amp. Now there is a real audio experience to have!

As for the 910's they are very good as well. My friend has a pair and they have real good dispersion and deffinition.


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