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AR vs. B&W


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Guest denmarkdrivers

I have not compared B&W to AR, but i have heard many different models from B&W.

I can tell you B&W speakers vari in sound from one model to another dramatically.

Some of B&W's older models like the DM 110 and DM 220i are not backed with parts from B&W. Newer models from the 1990s should not be a problem.

I loved the 220i for phono ( decent 2 way design) not perfect speakers but i liked them.

I Own a pair of B&W 630i they are hard to compare to the 220i because they are a 3 way design, and the bw 220i were a 2 way design.

The 630s are nice but hard to place. ( the 630 was the model before the current 603's wich i have not heard yet)

I could elaborate more on the differences between different B&W models but it doesnt really anser your question.

I havent compared them side by side to ARs, I know B&W has a hudge price range depending on the model.

I also know the ARs were some of the best made, only way to really tell is test them side by side and decide wich you like the most. Good luck craig

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