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new set of AR 3a to play with


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firts my last pair are sounding great and thanks for all the interest in the transition topic of them.

Next I just picked up a early pair of AR3As 50 bucks in vary nice shape serial number vary close to consecutive 8085, 8087 pots work but could use cleaning tweeters one replaced with AR replcement back wired other original front wired also both mids replaced with AR replacement back wire wofers were vary dried out dust cover and cloth seround, but sounded vary nice.

you could heir the air leeks.

so read all the topics on it here in the forum and dicided since Tom recomended armorall becouse of the polimers in it. I would try some of the stuff called wet look one coat on the cloth and dust cover and a light coat on the dampaning ring to help keep it fron falling apart. they looked great. But in this time of there life its preservation time.

let it set over night and this morning ran them through the test and they sound great vary tight bass again. so far my AR 3s and two pair of AR3as cost 200 for all three sets and then the caps for them about 175. the only ones I need now are late AR3As and I can do some stacked comparisons

I think the wet look stuff is vary good but some of the others like Tom would be better to step in and test it before other use it.


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