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Pair of AR-3 to sell; western New York, $950


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Gots me a pair of Acoustic Research AR-3’s. Serial #s C-36802 & C-31345. Cabinets appear walnut esque & are in good physical condition, most exterior cosmetic spots have been repaired. The top of one speaker has a few over-sanded spots. The grill cloth and grills are not original and are missing the AR metal decals on both grilles. Tested speaker’s mid-range, tweeters and woofers successfully. Would suggest an efficient cleaning by someone experienced, an audiologist (as I would probably damage them in any cleaning attempts). Pair purchased early 1960s, stored in a non-smoking, pet-free environment. 585.360.3904/jordan@rejunk.shop
$950. Shipping is available if you choose, approx $65 each speaker/$130 total UPS ground.
(If there is any information presented that may be inaccurate, I appreciate corrections given in a respectable manner. If you’re going to be a d-bag about it, then I hope the carpet is comfortable)image_b8f4c791-1219-44ad-87a0-3314769436image_2d44c33c-3d92-4c26-9922-deedff5708image_777511f8-8941-4c6f-93b5-01f0409b16image_321a2ab1-76fd-44fc-ba6c-d011560ec5image_1e3b2438-2cfc-4179-adb2-71f78c1853image_9a9c4706-f1d9-4435-a607-e4e6d83cb9image_a463ade4-21ae-458f-919c-b07a19da49CA76856F-DB86-452E-BEEF-C293EBCF9A96.jpgimage_1caf8168-07e6-4a43-87ec-58c2c8fb9a
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