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2nd Generation Add Series AR-17


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I recently picked up a sales brochure (attached) for what appears to be an ad for the 2nd generation of the ADD Series AR-17.  Until I came across this advert, I was unaware that AR made any revisions to the AR-17. 

The changes are readily apparent.  On the plus side the 2nd generation AR-17’s tweeters are cooled with Ferrofluid, whereas the tweeters in my 1st generation 17’s are not.  On the negative side the 2nd generation 17’s cabinets are skinned with walnut grained vinyl, whereas mine are true walnut veneered.  Also, the wood panel along the bottom of the speaker was changed from walnut veneer to what appears to be cloth covered.

image.png.33f0ccd0d928855cd68905e894b41324.png image.png.8618d56e51f3e447a4df5ac25fa1b06e.png 

My 1st Generation AR-17’s


2nd Generation AR-17’s

AR-17 Sales Brochure Medium Compression.pdf

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