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Acoustic Research 312 HO

Guest AR312HO

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Guest AR312HO


Im looking for some information on this model..

ive tried almost everywere on the net.

Is there anyone on this forum that knows or have any kind of information?

im a happy owner of this speakers and i think by far that AR is one of the best.

i know that this isnt a "classic".



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Try using Google cache, and http://www.archive.org/

for extinct web pages.

From: www.soundscapeav.com/ar/525c.html

"These new three-way Dolby AC-3 Ready Loudspeakers are built upon AR's innovative technologies, including the AeroFoam Tweeter, Focused Array Configurations, Energy Control Contour Baffles and Voice Balanced Tonal Matching. With magnetic shielding and built-in mirror matching 12" subwoofers, these loudspeakers deliver high efficiency (97 db), and audiophile performance, in a slim contemporary cabinet design. Specs: 43 11/16" H x 10 9/16" W x 19 1/8" D., 30Hz - 20KHz, 4 Ohms, 25W - 250W Power handling, 97db"

There are 44 owner reviews at: http://www.audioreview.com/cat/speakers/fl...51_1594crx.aspx

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