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What amplifier for Snell C4?


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Since I heard Snell C4 at my local Hifi dealer (in Denmark) in the mid-90's, i've been having these speakers high on my wish-list. I remember them being warm, open, deep and natural sounding, and easily driven.

I remember them being set up on a cheap small 20w NAD integrated amplifier and still sounding terrific. I've now build a house with a livingroom design prepared for a nice hifi setup, including bigger speakers. And i have found a used pair in Denmark in good shape for reasonable money.

But what amplifier would fit these speakers well. Budget is around 1.000 USD +/-, and I am kind of assuming that a tube-amplifier is the way to go. And preferably used/secondhand.

My sound sources are a Thorens TD-160 recordplayer with a Tekni-fi Riaa Tube amplifier and streaming via Tidal and a bluetooth-box.

In this review the speakers are setup with a Dynaco ST70:




Br Emil


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