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AR302, 303, 338, 228 replacement tweeter


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I own a pair of 1995 AR302 speakers. Tweeter started to show some age effect: especially one has a brownish film which is peeling off with cracks. I am trying to understand if there is any replacement. I live in Italy so anything should be shipped to Europe. I wonder if NOS tweeter can be found anywhere or if there is a modern alternative.




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You'd be surprised to find what people have sitting on their shelves.  I'd try a wanted to buy here

and at PE Tech Talk and AudioKarma.

Pete B.

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This would be my pick for a quality unit at a reasonable price, no idea if the dimensions fit,

or if crossover mods would be required:


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On 1/24/2023 at 10:32 PM, Stingerxtv8 said:

Looking for mids for AR302 myself. Thanks for the responses thus far



I guess I'm the appointed Ken Kantor 303 series fanboy.

The best replacement tweeters for your set of 302's ( I own a black vinyl, a rosewood, and just yesterday my set of 302t's arrived...yes they o as low as the 303 as the specs indicated!). Ken has stated he has a set of 302's in his main room apparently over the 303.

I loaded up on these tweets years ago.  With the custom 3d printed adapter plates I had made...the 303 series tweets blend well with any AR dome mid 3 way from the 10pi forward.  They'll be a day real soon there will be no more original parts for any of those speakers so maybe I guess it's my retirement fund, but I got as many as you need perfectly non dented or lumpy either the shielded kind that come in the 218V, 228 or the non shielded, that come in your 302's.  If you'd like, I can refresh the ferrofluid for a minimum fee.

Yes, many sets of perfect mids as well, dm me!



218v.....10 sets

228......1 set

338.....3 sets

302....2 sets

303.....2 sets ( one custom set in a       3a cab.  My favorite set.

205vc....3....great center

The powered sub with a 303 woofer I can't recall the model #....1 set.

- Scottie






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