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Hi folks,

For those of you who might be interested in brochures & manuals, I can scan the following for you :

1) AR9 owner's reference manual (ref 702156 - CVC 11/78), it's about 50 pages long (black & white)

2) AR90 owner's reference manual (ref 702169 - CVC 12/78), it's about 25 pages long (black & white)

3)"Truth in listening" : 1977 brochure for AR10pi, AR11, AR12, AR14, AR15, AR17, AR18, it's about 14 pages long (color)

4)"Speakers for the '80s" : brochure in French for AR9, AR90, AR91, AR92, AR93, AR94, AR25 & AR18, it's about 12 pages long (color)


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Hi Jean-Patrick!

If you could scan those documents and email them to me I would appreciate it! I'll get them online within a day or two. I'm sure the visitors here will enjoy reading through them as well.

I finally got my own scanner so I can get some new material online shortly.


>For those of you who might

>be interested in brochures &

>manuals, I can scan the

>following for you :

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Hi Jean-Patrick

If you could please e-mail me the ar-17 brochure, that would be wonderful, I can't find it on the classic speakers page or anywhere else for that matter.



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Hi Jean-Patrick,

Thanks also. I wouls also like to get item 3 "Trust in Listening". But if you are sending all of these to Mark (our administrator), I am sure he will add them all to these pages so they will be available to all. If this is easier for you I'll be happy to wait until Mark gets them up on the site. If on the other hand it is just as easy to send to a bunch of us, then my email is




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