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Leigh/Marsland crossover

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Hello good people of CPS,

I just got 4 NOS Marsland tweeters and 2 NOS Leigh/marsland crossovers cheap ( five bucks per )

I  need to know what the black component is on the XO's  I have measured it as a capacitor and got .000

I measured it as a resistor and got .9 ohms it is attached to the tweeter positive but has no markings on it

It is 15 mm by 52mm  any ideas??




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Thanks for playing, but I could not resist opening them up and this is what I found is a current limiter or speaker protector 

as you will see I destroyed them in my nondestructive exploration so my new question is where to get two??  The blue dot means 12.4 watts (red dot 26.9 watts)



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