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AR-2ax Estate Sale Find, looking for advice


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I recently purchased this pair of AR2ax for $23 at an estate sale and would like to restore them.  The cabinets are in nice shape, so I think it will be well worth it. This is my first set of AR's. I have looked through the AR3 restoration guide and found plenty of useful info there.

I performed a low level sound test with the speakers on their back and was able to get sound from all of the drivers but one of the super tweeters. Not sure if it is the driver or the pot at this point since all of the pots need serious cleaning or possibly replacement.

The woofers need to be re-foamed and I have seen various opinions on the type of surround that I should purchase. Either filleted or standard role. I would appreciate any suggestions if anyone has any experience re-foaming with this particular woofer version.

I appreciate any input and advice on these.  Thanks!







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Very nice! I love the 2ax and you got a real bargain.

You will certainly need new capacitors. As for the supertweeter, most likely it's the pot. Pots as you know by now can be cleaned but often get cruddy again. Try twisting the knob back & forth to scrape off some crud and see if you get sound. You can replace them with inexpensive L-pads from PE or you can PM me for the CSP price on heavy duty potentiometers. Also, whether or not the tweeters work they are probably tired. Both RoyC and chris1this1 rebuild them beautifully. As for the foam surrounds, I use these: https://www.speakerworks.com/SearchResults.asp?Search=AR-2ax+foam&Submit=. Be aware the kit is for 1 woofer. Use the LATEX glue. You probably only need 1 bottle. Email them with any questions--they're very helpful.


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I would like to learn how to recap and this is the pair I am going to start with. I found these caps at PE there is a 4mfd and (2) 3.0mfd for the mid. Does anyone see a problem with these particular caps?



I also found this Solen at Madisound which would eliminate the need to tie them together. Would this also work?

Solen PB 6 mfd Metalized Polypropylene Fast Capacitor 400V


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Daytons are used by MANY people here. No problem at all. The Solen is also a good choice but you may as well buy all the parts from one dealer. PE also has nice foam gasket tape for your woofer. 

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