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Opening the 2Ax cabinets again.


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The 2Ax pair had been moved up to the den after the KLH 23's kicked 'em out earlier this year.

It's a small room and they're being powered by an 80's Yamaha RX-730 receiver.

Being a near field listening environment I noticed that the phenolic dome tweets were no longer producing much output.

Whenever I have doubts about the frequency range above 8K I enlist better ears than mine to confirm.

The boss listened and agreed that they had little or nothing of the sparkling high register like the 3a's in the family room.

I looked and yes, PartsExpress still has the HiVi Q1R and so I procured a pair for these boxes.

I tried using a .07 uh inductor as I did with the 3a's but the independent testing lab that I called up to do a mono A/B between the two with and without the inductor had the no inductor box winning out.

They're back in the den, sounding great again.

One of these days I'll want to repair the crunched top rear corner on the one...



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