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Integration of a NHT subwoofer with JBL Studio 530 speaker for a full range speaker . My home version of AR9, NHT 3.3.

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 NHT 3.3 has been a well regarded top of line speaker from NHT(Now Hear This). Due to its potent bass performance, it has been favorably compared to the legendary AR 9.


JBL Studio 530 speaker is a widely reviewed modern speaker speaker on youtube.

I especially like the treble range,  clean, well dispersed and without irritating quality. The limitation is its 5 inch factory woofer, which can be distressed if listening in a large room.


My project of integrating a NHT 1259 subwoofer(used in NHT 3.3) with JBL 530 involves the following elements.


NHT 1259 12” subwoofer for between 200 hz to its lower limit.

Revel 8” woofer( cast frame ceramic cone from Revel IW80) woofer from 200 hz to 1500 hz. I borrow this feature from AR 9, which uses an 8” woofer from 200 to 1200 hz. for power handling and low distortion.

JBL Studio 530 from 1500 hz and up, using the separate upper range terminals in the back.


I use a homemade passive crossover between NHT and Revel a  bandpass crossover for Revel and JBL own tweeter and upper crossover.


The overall sound is clean, clear , more balanced(in my humble opinion), than JBL 530 alone.  I include a snippet of my recoded sound of these speakers. I used a Zoom H1N digital stereo recorder for the soundtrack.


I believe the proper blending of the subwoofer with the woofer(or midrange) is very important in the coherence of the overall sound.  Also the use of two fullrange speakers in this case also gives you two subwoofers instead of just one


.  In a typical satellite/subwoofer combination, one would normally use only a single subwoofer  for both channels.

JBL and revel.PNG

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  • ligs changed the title to Integration of a NHT subwoofer with JBL Studio 530 speaker for a full range speaker . My home version of AR9, NHT 3.3.


Only a single Crown XLS 1502 is used for all the drivers. 

I am particularly pleased how seamlessly the low bass blends into the midbass without adding any heaviness or thickness.  So both male and female voices sound very natural. I could add a few more recording materials from these speakers  but it seems in the reply page one can  upload a file of only 1.18 mb,  too small for a sound file. 



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 AR and JBL speakers sounded distinctly different at one time and the classical music did sound better on AR than JBL in the past. Today, JBL Studio range of speakers, are very  smooth (flat response )  play well with all sort of music except pipe organ. This is the reason I am using acoustic suspension NHT 3.3 12" woofer and Revel 8" for the low end and the midrange. 



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