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In 1978 I sat in a stereo store for 4 hours listening to all the systems and speakers they had. I settled on a Nikko amp, pre-amp and tuner system Alpha, Beta and Gamma to listen to this stereo system I purchase a pair of Bozak LS-400 speakers an a Bang and Olufsen platinum turntable. In the next 5 years, I had 5 speakers blow on me.  I had them test the stereo over and over and no one could find out what the problem was. I was told never ever to get rid of my Amp. as it was the cleanest amp they had ever tested. Problem was I was spoiled on the sound of the speakers. Those Bozaks were the best speakers to listen to I have ever heard. The last time they blew I quit and have not had a working stereo since. Now I find I want to give them one last chance an get them repaired, but where? Any suggestions?

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