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AR6 woofers - what am I seeng here?


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I recently refurbished a pair of AR6 speakers with the date March 1971 on the woofers.  They're done and they sound fantastic: new surrounds of course (shimmed the voice coil, of course), new poly caps, cleaned out the treble controls. Sealed the woofers in with MorTite. I love these speakers.

However, when I cut the voice coil dust cover/cap I saw what appeared to be a golden colored liquid/gel in the hole in the middle of the voice coil magnet. What am I seeing?   I doubt these speakers have ever been opened up based on what I found inside. The caps on the voice coil seemed to be untouched since the facotory. The substance in the speakers did not "run" but was more the consistency of gel. I gently touched it with a small screwdriver and then left it alone.  I know these are some special speakers AR made for the AR6 that were "long throw" and were supposed to render more bass than a typical 8" woofer, and it does. 

Comments please:

IMG_5936 2.JPG



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I'm still interested in what the amber colored gel is in these obviously original AR-6 speakers.  Any authoritative voices on the subject now some years later. 

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