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Big changes to this website coming soon!


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Here's what I have on the burner:

1.) Within a week or so I hope to have the discussion forum moved over from DCForum+ to IP.Board. I think we had a great run with DCForum+, but it's time for something that's still supported and has new features. I will have all the content moved over, but all of you will probably need to create new user accounts. To see an example of IP.Board in action:


2.) I am working on a completely redesigned website that a couple of you have seen. When I feel the new website is ready for testing, I'll post the address here.

3.) I will be moving the entire website over to a new server that's easier for me to maintain and more secure.

I still need help from the community with short corporate biographies and pictures of the best examples of classic speakers. I have an immediate need for some wide-angle shots of a collection of classic speakers - AR, KLH, Advent, Allison at a minimum in the shot.


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Hi Mark;

I only wish I could be of help to you in the transition period.

Thank you for all of your work in maintaining and improving this site.

This site was born not that many years ago.

It now has over 2,000 members and almost 20,000 messages on record.

It was not that long ago, in fact it was January 14th 2006, that I wrote about this site approaching 1,000 members.

Congratulations, Mark, for a job well done.

Not to be forgotten, a big thank you to all of you nice contributing members.

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Relax Vern. Lie comfortably. Take long slow deep breaths. Count backwards from a hundred. You'll soon grow very sleepy so close your eyes and the next thing you know you'll wake up in the recovery room and it will all be over. It may hurt for awhile but you can have all the ice cream you can eat. :-)

>It now has over 2,000 members and almost 20,000 messages on


Having contributed around 10% of them yourself, nobody can say you aren't pulling your fair share of the weight around here. :-)

I hope we still have emoticons in the new software. I kinda like them.

;) (just thought I'd include a portrait of my two dogs for the fun of it.) :P

Ooops, here's my other dog, almost forgot her :P

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I, for one, am glad some sprucing up is at hand. I was beginning to get a bit worried ;( because there was very little activity here for the past week or two.

Perhaps everyone has been waiting for 'the other shoe to drop'?


It's all about the music


Carl's Custom Loudspeakers

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Guest treblehit

Carl -

I think the problem with participation is that most of us have just about participated-out.

As you said so very well, there is only so much to say about all the things we've already said.

What happens when people call other people "stupid" (or imply it, or close opinion-discussions by official pronouncement and "appealing to authority") is that the community at-large will eventually just shut-up rather than fight.

I've seen it happen before. Killed-off a really good community.

The other problem we have is that our subject-matter is static. It isn't like we can talk about new vintage drivers, or even really discuss the new vintage speakers.

I've also noticed that *some* people are finding extraordinary deals on some real classics, but I can't find any deals within driving distance and there seem to be exactly none, locally. So I don't have an interesting project. I know of a few pairs of speakers I might be willing to put some money in, but the freakin' freight charges are enough to kill the deal.

But the other thing, the biggest thing, is that I've been very, very busy lately. If I had a pair of 3a's in the garage to work-on, there they would have to stay. Things usually calm down between now and Thanksgiving and maybe, just maybe, I'll have something to report about.

I still check-in a lot. I just don't have much to say.

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