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Replacement Grille Cloth for Acoustic Research (AR) Speakers?


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Hello all, first post so bear with me.  I've been looking to restore a pair of AR speakers and have realized that the previously recommended Wichelt 18 count lambswool linen is no longer being produced as of summer 2021.  I'm sure this is a major disappointment to many as this was the go-to cloth for restorations for many years.  I figured I would start this thread to compile different ideas in one location regarding the most accurate and authentic cloth.  I'm sure that there are plenty of cloths out there that are fine and look good, but I'm looking for the cloth that most closely resembles what was on the speaker when it left the factory.

So far, I've seen a few different options as follows:

Wichelt 20 count lambswool linen: seems to be intermittently available on the auction site but is noticeably more expensive than the previous 18 count

Wichelt 28 count lambswool linen: still available from 123Stitch (https://www.123stitch.com/item/Wichelt-28-Ct-Lambswool-Linen-Needlework-Fabric-27x36/76-135X) though the thread count is higher than the 18-20 thread count that AR used on their original cloth

Bleached IL041: recommended by @zcon67 and available at https://fabrics-store.com/fabrics/linen-fabric-IL041-bleached-middle. 19-20 thread count according to him000_0254.thumb.JPG.3cd99485cb306580eb7005ef538b2486.JPG

Open Weave Medium Weight Natural Linen – Y0400NT036: suggested by @genek and available at Ulster Linen (https://ulsterlinen.com/shop/linen-use/scrim-linen/medium-weight-natural-linen-fabric-y0400nt036/).  The thread count and slubbing appear correct but the color may be too tan?PXL_20220202_000535205.jpg

Does anybody have any other ideas on a suitable replacement?  If so, share below, especially if you have the cloth attached to frames.  Thanks

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