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What to do with a pair of L700s?


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So I have a pair of ADS L700s (the 3-driver, 2-way little brother of the L710) which have been sitting and basically collecting dust for years.  I bought these new from Stewart's Audio in Westfield, NJ sometime in the early 1980s.    The woofers and dome tweeters are, or may be, the same as those used in the L710s but I haven't confirmed this.  I don't know about the crossover board design, specifically whether it is a de-populated version of that used in the L710.

The rubber woofer surrounds are all in good shape, the tweeter domes are OK, and the speakers play well.  Obviously, there's a difference in SQ between these and my L1290s, but they have a nice sound to my ear.   The cabinets are OK, though one has significant water staining and damage on top. The grilles are good.  I even have a pair of nice edge-banded plywood stands I made for them...

I'm trying to determine what, if anything, to do with them.   As complete speakers they don't appear to have much residual value, but I could part them out as the drivers seem to be worth something.  The default option is to put them back in storage, while another is to use them in my wood shop.  They have some emotional value, which is why I still have them.

Suggestions?   Thanks.





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What's the higher priority for you: more cash or having a nice set of vintage speakers to enjoy in your shop?

I'm the original owner of my L710 speakers bought in '78 or so. They have the older grill badge version (silver lettering, black background). They're still my main speakers, but occasionally get out to the garage if the garage speakers are under any repairs.

I'd keep the L700s unless I was out of listening room. But then I'd still sell them as intact speakers.

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Yeah, I'm going to keep them after some discussion with younger family members.  Thanks!

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