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Boston A200 Speakers - Are these the proper drivers?


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I picked up a decent pair of Boston Acoustics A200 speakers this past week. The cabinet base on one will need some rebuilding and the perpendicular "legs" that keep the speakers upright will need replacement. All the drivers have good ohm readings and check out. I'm in the process of recapping the crossover as well. The one question I have is: are the woofers original? All the info I have on A200's indicate that original woofers have foam surrounds. These don't. I'm wondering if these are originals or replacements. The mids and tweeters all date from March through May of 1982. I'm pretty sure the mid and tweet are originals. The woofers have no date on them but perhaps you can ID them from the markings you can see on them. 

Undoubtedly in the 40 intervening years, the surrounds had gone out on the woofers and perhaps the owner at that time thought they were shot       (   😞   ) and pitched them and then put in new replacements. The woofers seem to be nice heavy speakers. I also note that eBay has some replacements that are claimed by the seller to be a good sub for the original A200 woofers. They're going for around $94 plus shipping I believe, so they're hardly cheepos, and resemble these woofers. 

Any input would be appreciate, or other comments on these A200's.

MAN the cabinets on these things are heavy!!!!!   48 lbs w/o the drivers in them!









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