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The Cabinet Allison:One vs. IC20 Retrospect


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The most fun 🤩 experience I’ve had in this Hi Fi game up to this point, was having the opportunity to evolve into the flagship, at a time when I thought it was a missed opportunity forever.

Now that I’m here I thought it would be fun. to point out some of those hands on differences between the “One” and the “20”…..in the cabinet’s build quality and a few other things; some disappointing and others most welcome.

When first I saw that 1987 Brochure for the 20 I was awestruck by those images….everything that I felt could be improved upon with the One, was taken care of with the 20 (or so I thought).

Decades later, when finally landed a pair there was ONE thing that bugged me…..not the end of the world however disappointing.

Particle board. THE very same underneath that beautiful skin with the “T” nuts that if you’re not careful can be problematic. Anyone who’s dealt with that on The One knows exactly what I’m talking about. No problem here and fortunate that I had the ones for the experience.

The rest is a dream come true.

No more thin wires attaching the tweeters and midrange drivers on the outside of the cabinets. That’s huge, along with metal grills to protect those delicate domes.

Crossover network easily removed from the bottom of the enclosure rather than glued and stapled where it would be a nightmare to pull out.

The push in pull out grills with cloth. New cloth can be done on these if and when the day comes.

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