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AR98LS Review In Audio Magazine January 1985

Pete B

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Great article and amazing slice in time for a host of equipment vendor names, many no longer with us.  I had forgotten those were the days when a magazine could actually contain 200 pages!  Impressive amount of analysis and statistics, which is more difficult to find today unless going into the more expensive realm of vendors.

The AR98LS is an impressive speaker to boot...  They did an incredible design to deliver a four way in a very small package.

Looks great except for the cheezy plastic front.  What happened there?

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AR obviously read the review and followed up with improvements incorporated into the 98LSi.

The Audio review noted that there was an occasional harshness to the upper midrange - AR modified the crossover to eliminate it

The Audio review noted that the grille adversely affected the sound - AR recessed the drivers and reduced the depth of the grilles from 1-3/4" to 3/4"

The Audio review was not impressed with the cheesy plastic front - AR removed the plastic and added real wood veneer

The 98LSi a noticeably better looking and better sounding speaker.  One of my to do projects is to upgrade the 98LS' crossover to the 98LSi's.


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Thanks everyone for the interesting comments!

@AR55  I had no idea that the folks at AR read the review and actually improved them.

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It may be just coincidental that later that year AR made improvements to the 98LSi, that just happened to have addressed many of Richard Heyser’s misgivings.  On the other hand, I think that AR, as well as other manufacturers, paid very close attention to Richard's often very thorough, unvarnished reviews. 

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