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For sale - Vacuum Tubes


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- All tubes have been tested on my restored Sencore TC142 for shorts, grid leakage and emissions.

> Tung-Sol 5AR4 Rectifier, used – tests new. 113/113 emissions. $25

> Genelex GZ34 Rectifier, New/never used. Was my back-up. $40

> (2) Tung-Sol 12BH7A, shiny black plates, halo getter, date code Dec. 1960, test 107/107 and 106/106, Original boxes. $45 each

> GE JG-5751 military issue (12AX7A/ECC83) with triple mica, grey plate, O-getter, tests 96/97. $35

> Telefunken 12AX7, diamond on bottom, logos worn off, gold pins. Used but tests NOS 105/105, repro box. $105

> Webcor by Mullard 12AX7 I61 BOH (rare), repro box. Used but tests NOS 106/104. $80

> (2) RCA 6680/12AU7A communications grade. Dark grey plates, halo getter. Original boxes in fair minus condition. Measure 98/98 and 98/98. $30 for the pair.

> Mullard CV4003/M8136 (12AU7 alt). British military issue, original box. Used but tests NOS: 96/96; $90

>> Contact me (via PM) if you want shipping cost and/or pictures of a particular tube.


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I'm interested in your RCA 12au7s. Are they still available? If so could you send pictures and your price is more than reasonable.

Thank you

J. B. Teague

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On 3/24/2022 at 8:32 AM, jbryan88 said:

I'm interested in your RCA 12au7s. Are they still available? If so could you send pictures and your price is more than reasonable.

Thank you

J. B. Teague

Yes, the 6680 mobile communications grade. Attached is a picture of them.


RCA 6680.jpg

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Hello, Irazu to do the tubes and and tube rolling.

I has e a schiit Valhalla, the cirrebtbones failed.  

Schiit Valhalla 2 as Preamp Tube Rolling 6DJ8 6CG7 7119 Tube Adaptor.

 would you have any of these or any equivalents?


more importantly I have a Monoprice pure tube amp with the following tubes all of which have held as well

The originals are 4 el84 and 4 6n3

Experience but pretty new to tubes and I appreciate any help you give me trying to find these tubes are equivalents any advice you have a meal welcome to listen thank you very much

Scottie Munoz


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@scottie munozI just saw this now. I'm only familiar with 12AU7 and 12AX7 and all their variants.

Here's a link to vacuum tubes. You can switch types by clicking on a tube type from the list(s) on the left.     http://www.vacuumtubes.com/6dj8.html

Tube Depot is OK to deal with but they don't always carry NOS (new old stock) tubes.

I like Viva Tubes in western Massachusetts. Fine people. They also sell on eBay.

eBay has some good sellers: bobvcs and desireme1979 (even thou she got really pissed at me for backing out of a pair of 6SN7 tubes because one of a pair did not designate what type of 6SN7 i.e. GT, GTA or GTB.

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Let me start by saying I apologize for the poor grammar and difficult to read message I don't have use of money right hand my main hand as a result of combat and Afghanistan and I write so I have to use voice to text app which makes Einstein sounds stupid I apologize I try to edit best I can but after 15 years I'm having to do this it's become tedious you have my apologies.

When I get when I got into high five it was almost immediate that I started refurbishing speakers and learning about 2 amps just never got done so I've always stuck with solid state it's almost overwhelming the amount of variance Main tube has and I still don't understand the word rolling anyhow but I do know is that I bought the $300 upgrade from Tube Depot for the the Pure T ube amp for Monoprice into the power tubes failed and one of the preamp tubes failed I don't know that I'm doing anything wrong I'm using resistor across the secret terminals when I'm using it as a preamp I think I just have shitty parts.  

Both the mpnoprice pure tube amp, as well as the Schiit Valhalla actually make terrific 55 preamps for a massive 800wpc Crown Poweramp, really gives it some character.  

Everything's so confusing from what is the numerals in the letters stand for after the power supply.

I'm glad you gave me some individual sellers on eBay you know Rick Cobbs known for surrounds and that's the only guy I go to and never done me wrong and that's the kind of thing.

You know 5 6 7 8 years ago you could,if you were clear audio fuel or they said you know I would much prefer to sell to somebody who's going to appreciate it and someone who's not even if I made less money and most people were like that back when I was growing up but.  Sorry I just realized I'm probably rambling I would appreciate your your insights and your advice and it's really nice to meet with you take care.


Edited by scottie munoz
Grammar, I'm sure more needed!
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