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Suspect AR-11 recone / refoam


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I am attempting to re-foam a pair of AR-11 bass drivers with a generic AR-11 re-foam kit.

When the surrounds are placed on the frame, there is barely any overlap to glue onto the cone, and the cone seems recessed downwards compared to the foam which extends out with only a slight in/downwards tilt over the cone and is about 1cm higher when ll is at rest on it back, and not signficantly different when flipped over for the gravity factor.

Additionally, the existing foam is mounted on a wooden shim/spacer onto the frame, about 5mm high. A nicely machined shim - not a DIY hack, by the look of it.

Does any of this sound 'normal' ?  Or is the previous re-foam been hacked to fit ? Or is the cone in fact a generic and not-quite-exact match ?


Cheers  g.





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The woofer is a typical later AR woofer. The fiberboard mounting ring is original, and the cone appears to be as well. A top view of the surround and cone would be more helpful. Also, provide a photo of the woofer's magnet.

It is not unusual for the cone edge of this woofer to be below the rim of the ring, which is often exacerbated by a worn, sagging spider/suspension. Your situation is actually a great example of the advantage of shimming the voice coil as part of a re-foam job. The shims not only keep the cone in alignment, but the friction they provide allows the cone to be raised to a more manageable height. 



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