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A cautionary note to new members of the forum about drivers sold as replacements for AR models


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There is an offering by a Ebay seller (Mavin)as replacements for AR speakers using the  12" woofers. These will not yield proper results, certainly with the models produced up to sale of AR in the 90's.  I am not implying these are sub standard quality just that they will not work properly with AR cabinet volumes based on the published specs and not knowing how these drivers will interact with the stock crossovers. Only AR drivers will work correctly "dropped in". I bring this up because I have had a few altered AR systems brought to me with such things as Radio Shack drivers and venting ports added.  These persons want them restored to as close as possible to original condition... AR drivers as you likely know are most often pretty expensive. Questions I have had to answer time and again involve buying units from Ebay, Amazon and other sellers making various claims about being correct replacements (and being less than half the price).


FYI: this is a hobby for me. I enjoy the work, the road to hopefully hear for myself what high performance for the time(s) would have been like. I also try to spread my enthusiasm for these old systems and often end up restoring nice old systems to save them from the trash heap. Most often only asking for the cost of parts.. Love this stuff.

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